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What is Binary Diploma?

Binary Diploma is a site dedicated to education around binary options. Binary Options trading presents a lucrative opportunity for anyone to start trading online, but one of the challenges is that most people never learn how to trade properly resulting in a poor experience, losses and frustration. Binary Diploma offers various interactive eLearning video courses prepared by industry experts, that appeal to the novice trader right through to the professional.

What if I have no experience trading online?

The Gold Diploma Course is designed specifically to introduce you to binary options and within a few short lessons, you will have a thorough understanding and basic skills to start trading. From this foundation we build on this knowledge and skills to teach you what to trade, when to trade and strategies to maximize your trading success.

How is the learning material presented?

Each course consists of 7 video lessons, accessible through your account which you can revisit anytime. At the end of each lesson is an optional quiz to help you test your knowledge. You will also have access to a summary download document at the end of each lesson that highlights the key points of that lesson.

Do I have to do the Gold Diploma Course before the Platinum Diploma Course?

You will need to sign up for the Gold Diploma first before you can upgrade to the Platinum Diploma. If you are just starting out, we strongly recommend first completing the Gold Diploma and then moving onto the Platinum Diploma. The Platinum Diploma is designed for intermediate to advanced traders while the Gold Diploma offers many relevant topics even for advanced traders.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. Our payments are processed through our secure payment provider PayPal.

Can I download the learning materials?

The videos can only be viewed through the site while logged in and the quiz at the end of each lesson can only be completed online. The summary sheets at the end of each lesson can be downloaded and are provided for your reference.

Do you guarantee that I will be succesful with my trading?

While we would love to tell you that you will definitely be successful, this is not possible. Like any educational course it depends on how you apply yourself and how well you understood and learned the material. Unfortunately, we also cannot predict what the exact market conditions will be when you make your trades which can influence your success greatly.

What about refunds?

Due to the materials being electronic we cannot provide refunds. We also believe the quality of the content is the most comprehensive and the highest in the market today. If you have any concerns, please free to contact us.

If I need further support who can I contact?

If you have any questions or require any support, you can use the contact form provided on the site.

Can I get access to both the Gold and Platinum Diploma courses?

Yes, simply upgrade from Gold to Platinum. You can upgrade at anytime while logged in through your "My Video Courses" page.

Do I have to complete the quiz at the end of each lesson?

The quizzes are completely optional, however we do encourage you to take them in order to test your understanding of the learning material. Whether you choose to take the quiz or not, simply mark the lesson complete when you are done by clicking on the "Mark Complete" button. You can also view your progress of the courses you have completed on the "My-Courses" page while logged in.

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