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About the Binary Diploma Team

Our team of dedicated financial and trading professionals has combined their experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive trading courses and course materials that demonstrate and describe important elements of binary options trading. With years of experience in trading and educating new traders, the Binary Diploma team will prepare you for trading success through our interactive videos, demonstrations, quizzes and more.

Knowledge & Tools

Whether you are new to online trading, a novice at binary options trading or a seasoned professional, Binary Diploma presents two extensive courses that deliver vital tools and education which will enable you to master trading success.

Gold & Platinum

As you step into the binary options trading arena, our Gold Diploma Course will take you step-by-step through the trading experience and equip you with the skills to start trading effectively. The Platinum Diploma Course focuses on a variety of trading strategies and technical analysis which will enhance your trading performance.

Interactive & Educational

As a member of Binary Diploma, you will have 24 hour access to the binary options video training and materials allowing you to learn at your own convenience. Each lesson is followed by a short quiz which will help to test your understanding of the material and will boost your trading confidence.

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